Job Search and Career Placement for Reporters, Anchors, Meteorologists, Sports and other Television News Talent

Bell Talent, Inc. is a licensed talent agency in the State of California. Simply put, we place on-air, broadcast TV, and network cable news talent with U.S. stations in middle and major markets.

Information for Prospective Talent

Here is an extensive list of services Bell Talent provides:

  • We will post your headshot, YouTube video and resume on this website, which has been on many a hiring manager’s radar for years, and was just redesigned!
  • We will post your video and resume on Collective Talent, one of our talent directory partners that assists TV news talent with nationwide placement.
  • We will get your video, resume, and requirements to the top headhunters in the industry who specialize, and are constantly searching for, talent on behalf of television stations. Also, we will discuss your video and resume with the hiring managers in the markets you designate.
  • We will help edit your reel.
  • We will not charge any up-front fees. You only pay commission after you’ve started your next job. (If there is no job for you during four consecutive months when you are ready, willing, and able to take a new job, then you have the option to leave the agency.)
  • We will not ask you to take a job you do not want!
  • We will give you career advice based on our decades of experience in this business.

Our commission rates are competitive. Don’t pay the big agencies high rates and get lost in their crowd.

Information for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

While working to get his clients the best deal possible, Roger Bell’s past experience as a news director and assistant news director, gives him a strong understanding of what hiring managers want. His belief in honesty and truthfulness are paramount.

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